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About Us - Background:

After being born and raised in Manchester, NH, I attended and was graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.  Two weeks later, I began employment with Beals and Thomas, Inc. performing classic civil engineering tasks such as sewer, stormwater, roadway, and site design.  I also assisted geologists and engineers in field testing, such as test pits, perc tests, soil borings, monitoring well installation, permeability testing, and groundwater contouring and analyses.


In the early 1990’s, as the real estate boom yielded to the environmental site assessment market, I became actively involved with environmental research, field investigation, groundwater and surface water sampling, hazardous waste investigation, and remediation.  In 1991, I returned to academia to pursue a Master Degree in Geo-environmental Engineering at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, while remaining employed full-time through this successful five-year program, receiving a master degree in 1996 in Civil (geo-environmental) engineering. 


I became a registered professional civil engineer in 1994 in New Hampshire and in Massachusetts;  and soon began to perform geo-environmental engineering tasks, such as large septic system design, slope stability analyses, and hydrogeology, using my geo-environmental engineering education.  I became a certified Soil Evaluator, Septic Designer, and Inspector in MA & NH, and instructed over a dozen civil engineers to become certified Soil Evaluators for my past employer.


Following graduation from U-Mass in 1996 with a Master Degree, I educated myself to the requirements of MA & NH Groundwater Discharge, New Source Approval, and Water Withdrawal permits, and was responsible for my past employers expansion of professional services to include geo-environmental and groundwater engineering services.  I successfully received six state permits and was directly responsible for all phases of on-site water supply and wastewater projects, including proposals, design, engineering, management, permitting, and client relationships.  


Using that 11 year experience, PROVENCHER ENGINEERING, LLC was established in March 2000 with a focus of providing professional engineering / permitting services for public and private clients involved with new and existing private and public water supply / treatment and wastewater treatment / disposal facilities.  Projects have included Groundwater Discharge Permits for wastewater treatment plant design, hydrogeologic investigations and groundwater modeling / mounding analyses for large-scale treated effluent disposal systems, and testing and design of numerous public water supply wells and pump stations for New Source Approvals.  Additional projects have included water treatment designs, upgrades, and regulatory compliance resolution for new and existing public water systems.  Services include master planning water supply and wastewater systems, coordinating and conducting field investigations, well and stream gage transducer monitoring, hydrogeologic analyses, designs, engineering reports, project management, project team meetings and public hearings.