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About Us - Why Choose Us?:

Business Philosophy:


After 11 years of professional engineering experience with a large full-service consulting firm, Provencher Engineering was established in March 2000 by me, Donald A. Provencher, to provide personal, and professional engineering services to a wide-range of clients.  I operate my bussiness out of a good-size well-equipped home office.  Despite being the sole employee, "WE" is still applicable because instead of hiring, training, and administering to a staff of employees, I instead capitalize on my 33 years of professional experience and contacts by using key professional consultants where necessary, for services that I do not specialize in myself, such as wetland flagging, land surveying, landscape architecture, etc.  With your, or my team of professional subconsultants, we can provide any client with a professional full-service experience of a large firm, but with the attention to detail, and competitive fee structure of a small firm. 

Why Choose Provencher Engineering?

Candidly, this website is not about glitz and glamour, but neither is Provencher Engineering.  What we ARE about, is getting results, by providing high quality, cost-effective, well-presented engineering solutions.


Why choose me, a small 1-man firm? What about my ability to meet workload demands, provide multi-disciplinary service, and stay current in my field? These are valid questions, for which I have successfully turned that train of thought upside down, and used it to my, and my clients advantage!


When you call, I answer the phone, I listen to your concerns and I address your needs myself. I develop the strategy and implement the solutions you need. My proposals are detailed and comprehensive, with a clear scope of work, and with a budget that includes ancillary costs for permitting and constriction phases, so that you’re not surprised by unanticipated costs during permitting, or after the permits are issued.


I typically conduct most or all of the work on every project myself, including field work, engineering design, AutoCAD plans, reports, permit applications, meetings, regulatory follow through, and construction administration. This results in unparalleled continuity, because you only deal with me. There is no unaccountability, translational losses, or miscommunication between management and staff.  Project costs remain in control because you only have me billing to your project. 

Being small offers unparalleled flexibility. I can do as little or as much of a project as you want. For example, your staff or team may conduct your own field work or designs; and we may support you only on specific tasks that you may not have the in-house staff or team to provide.


We are a perfect fit for, and often work with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, including site designers, civil engineers, landscape architects, field survey, and wetland consultants. I have excellent relationships with many of these consultants, as well as with several well drillers, pump companies, and water & wastewater operators. Using my professional contacts, we can provide the team you need, or I can work with your team. When my workload requires, I use independent consultants for AutoCAD drafting and field personnel to assist me. I also have connections to legal firms for conservation restrictions, easement instruments, and legal agreements that are often needed on projects.  We can sub contract those professionals, refer them to you for direct contracting, or work with your established consultants.


To remain current with my profession, I belong to several professional affiliations; I attend technical seminars and conferences, and participate in several professional Linked-In news groups. I also remain active on several committees, including two at New England Water Works. One is the Groundwater Committee, who meets bimonthly to discuss technical issues relevant to groundwater professionals. Another is the Groundwater Resource Initiative who meets quarterly, and is represented by regulators from each New England state. This provides an opportunity to learn of proposed regulatory changes before they take effect.   


In addition, I stay in touch with several regulators from New Hampshire DES, and from all Massachusetts DEP regional offices, as well as with many clients, product reps, colleagues, and friends I made through the years. In fact, colleagues often call me to bounce ideas around or ask for my advice on a solution to a project challenge. All of this helps me keep tabs on what is new, how regulations have, and will change, and how that affects my clients and projects.    


The small-firm benefit I enjoy most is maintaining my design creativity, which is usually relinquished to junior staff by seasoned professionals. After receiving an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from UNH in 1989, I spent 11 years of employment in a large firm. As a junior engineer, I became proficient in classic civil engineering tasks such as roadway design and profiles, site design and grading, stormwater design and analysis, erosion control, wetlands replication, and 21E environmental site assessments. I worked closely with other disciplines, including landscape architects, planners, surveyors, and wetland scientists; and learned some of their perspectives.


During that employment, I attended and received a graduate degree in Geoenvironmental engineering from U-Mass Lowell in 1996, focusing on groundwater modeling, contaminant transport, aquifer pump tests, and environmental chemistry.  I used those skills to expand that firm’s services to include water and wastewater design projects. I began forming professional, regulatory, and client relationships then, and learned how to improve upon and refine those designs and relationships.

From that previous employment, and self-employment at Provencher Engineering since 2000, that collective experience allows me to continually optimize and integrate my designs seamlessly into every project. Every design includes special considerations to fit the specific site. My work products include fully engineered functional site plans with attention to the little things, like detailed finished grades, access roads, utility layout, service parking, consideration for stormwater, snow plowing, and snowmelt. I’ve designed above-ground and below ground pump stations and storage tanks, and irregularly-shaped gravity and pressure distribution leaching fields with varying elevations. Finding creative, cost-effective design solutions to complicated sites is my specialty.      


I know what regulators are looking for. I know the best approach to streamline permits, maximize development, solve a problem, how to design the best water and wastewater systems for a particular site, and I can typically find that solution by intuition after only a short review of the site constraints. Experience allows me to render those judgments quickly without need for costly feasibility studies. My designs are clear, concise, and I pride myself on having the ability to prepare one set of design plans and reports that can be used for both permitting and for construction.  In fact, because I know exactly what regulators want, I often solicit construction bids for my clients coincidentally with the regulatory review process, using the same submission documents, so that construction can commence as soon as the permits are issued.


I challenge you to find any other design firms with seasoned experienced management, who are also technically capable of, and actually perform their own innovative AutoCAD engineering and design solutions to complicated problems, at essentially the rate of a junior staff engineer. I know I can provide superior seamless service, creative and innovative design, with a streamlined regulatory and construction-ready schedule, at the most competitive price you can find. I am confident that you will contact me, and allow me the opportunity to demonstrate that to you!


Please continue to peruse my website to gain a better understanding of the many other services I provide, who my clients are, who I am, and the many successful projects and innovative and creative designs that have been implemented on my projects. Provencher Engineering looks forward to serving your needs!