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Spring Hill Leisure Community - Water

  • 1 New Bedrock Public Water Well, 1 Pump Stations & Storage Tank

  • Groundwater Discharge Permit for Wastewater Treatment Plant, Hydrogeologic Report, & Leach Field Design for 74,000 GPD

    (Also see our wastewater design for this project)

SPRING HILL LEISURE COMMUNITY47 Spring St, Rehoboth,  Massachusetts
Provencher Engineering was contracted by the site property owner Gene Dumontier to coordinate, design, and secure permits for a new public water supply and a wastewater treatment and disposal system for a proposed 74,000 gallons per day planned residential community, consiting of 200 units of age-restricted and 200 units of unrestricted housing.  The property was an old sand and gravel pit. Master planning of one public water supply source well and a wastewater treatment and disposal facility was initially conducted. Then, we simultaneously permitted the new bedrock public water supply well and a filed a Groundwater Discharge Permit for the wastewater system. 

Since the bedrock well was already installed, we coordinated and conducted a successful 48-hour pumping test on the single-source bedrock well. The well required an off-site Zone 1 easement because the 380-foot Zone 1 well head protective radius overlapped onto abutting property. The water quality samples collected during the pump tests indicted elevated iron & manganese, therfore, a cation exchange water softener was designed and included in our permit application.  

A Source Final Report on the well and pump tests was submitted to DEP with our design of the entire water supply system, including a pumping station with a water treatment system, a 150,000 gallon bolted steel water storage tank, and potable distribution system. A New Source Approval for the construction of the 74,000 GPD full-build water supply was granted. The owner maintains the permit and is planning for the commencement of construction of the project in the near future.

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